CB&HH is comprised entirely of U.S. Military Veterans who have come together to give back to their fellow American patriots and support those in need.

Executive Director - Adrienne 

Director of Operations - David

Director of Advocacy - Carrie 

Director of Events - Jamie 

Director of Marketing - Tabitha 

Advocate - Ashly 

Advocate - Jamie 

Advocate - Michelle





     Our belief is that America's past, present, and future Veterans are one of the greatest assets to the strength of our nation.  To that end:  we strive to Engage, Enable, and Empower these men and women through mentorship and assistance.


     Our ongoing goals are to enable through continued guidance, prevent negative outcomes through engagement, and empower through assistance.  We're additionally focused on addressing certain unique needs that female service members encounter.  Our volunteers and advocates tirelessly dedicate themselves to battling the negative effects present in today's Veteran community, such as suicide, depression, homelessness, unemployment and poverty.  



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T: 417-501-5879

 A  501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization supporting our veterans!